Wednesday a.m. Prompt

I guess the main concern I have is that if a student is NOT using an “ethical” photo/video/audio file, and it eventually is attached to my name/classroom, that could be a problem.  Also, I’ve run into many issues with photos and videos not complying with the programs we have at Holt.  (Jessica’s iMovie file not being able to be viewed in my classroom) And if the files aren’t used and saved correctly, they could disappear from a digital text later on.

It all kind of goes back to the same conversations we’ve been having this week about many/most students think that if it’s out there in cyberspace, it’s fair game for anything.

Tuesday a.m. Prompt

As the Wikipedia rep said in the radiocast, this online encyclopedia is only as good as it’s community–translated: it takes a knowledgable, collaborative, mature member pool to accurately provide information for the world.  If this is the new direction information sources are going–and it seems pretty clear that it is–then it would be wrong for educators not to expose our students to collaborative authorship.

Monday Exit

Well, it seems like just when I feel I’m “getting” blogs and other tech tools, someone will ask a tough question (Tara. . .elgg!  haha), and I’ll be placed humby back on the tech-idiot step.  🙂  I have learned so much already though from these workshops, and I’m just hoping that I’ll be granted the ability to use them at Holt High.  We’ll see.